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FLU and COVID-19 Vaccines

We have several vaccine clinics scheduled. Shot appointments for current patients can be made by calling the office at 802-879-6556. If your child already has an appointment scheduled with a doctor you do not need to schedule an appointment in a clinic, they will be offered the vaccine at that time.

Flu vaccine is offered for patients 6 months and older and guardians. We are only able to vaccinate guardians if scheduled in a clinic with their child. Covid vaccine in ONLY offered to patients.

COVID-19 Vaccine

We continue to encourage all people to receive vaccination against COVID-19. Current patients may get it from participating pharmacies (over age 3) or click here to schedule. All available vaccines are effective. You can also schedule through the Vermont Department of Health.

We do have both Pfizer vaccine (6mo through 4yrs) and Moderna vaccine (6mo through 5yrs) available. When you schedule an appointment let us know which vaccine you would like for your child. If you are unsure, please refer to this article from Yale Medicine: The providers have no preference as the safety and efficacy is good for both options.

For age 5yrs and older we only have Pfizer vaccine.

We have Pfizer Covid Bivalent Booster for age 5 and older. The child must have completed primary doses before receiving this booster.  The booster can be given 2 months after a previous Covid vaccine. If your child has had the Covid virus recently, the booster can be given after 10 days post viral if feeling better, or can wait 2 months. If your child has an upcoming appointment they can receive it at that time, if not, this can be scheduled on-line. The Vermont Department of Health is offering this in the community and some pharmacies have it as well. Check here .