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COVID-19 Vaccines

Covid-19 Vaccine Ages 6mo-5 years:

We are excited that we will be offering both options of the vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer) for current patients in this age group. The providers have no preference as the safety and efficacy is good for both options.  Moderna is a 2 dose series, however, there is a discussion about the possibility of a 3rd dose. Pfizer is a series of 3 doses.

If your child has an upcoming appointment scheduled with their provider, they will be offered the vaccine at that time.

We now have both vaccines in stock. Please call 802-879-6556 to schedule a time in one of our clinics, you will be asked when scheduling which vaccine you would like your child to receive. If you are unsure, please refer to this article from Yale Medicine: and we ask that you wait to schedule an appointment until you have made a decision.

Please note that after receiving the vaccine, you will be required to wait on the premises for 15 minutes before leaving. 

Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Age 5+:

We continue to encourage all people to receive vaccination against COVID-19 when eligible to do so, especially now that other variants of the virus are becoming more prevalent. Currently, eligible people may get it from participating pharmacies or in our office by calling (802-879-6556) to schedule an appointment. All available vaccines are effective, and we recommend accepting any vaccine offered in the most timely manner. You can also schedule through the Vermont Department of Health.