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Therapy Groups

Structured group work has been a successful approach for many of our patients who are seeking mental health support. Attendees receive evidence-based information from our counselors on topics such as parenting, anxiety, depression, and strategies to support their well-being.

Use of the camera or microphone in Zoom groups is not required.

If you are interested in one of our groups, please contact Shannon Porter, our Mental Health Coordinator, at (802) 879-6556.

Managing Anxiety and Depression: PreTeen Skills Group (Ages 8-10)

Led by Mental Health InternsThis group meets Tuesdays in October 5-6:30pm.

Learn about the signs of anxiety and depression. Each week, a new topic is introduced with activities and skill implementation. Practice mindfulness and relaxation strategies, recognize the signs of anxiety and depression and seek to address those bodily sensations. We will practice identifying negative automatic thoughts, use cognitive coping strategies to address those thoughts, and find ways to get and to stay active. Join us in practicing facing, rather than avoiding, the things that make you anxious. This group will take place in person at the Essex Pediatrics Mental Health Group Space, 15 Brickyard Road.

Caregivers are encouraged to attend the parent group that will be facilitated at the same time!

This group is facilitated by Emily Pomichter, MS and Julia Terman, MS.

To register your teen for group, contact Marissa at (802) 662-4219.

Breaking Free of Childhood Anxiety and OCD – A Parenting Series

Led by Cath BurnsThis group meets Tuesdays in October, 5-630pm

Join Cath Burns, PhD and other parents/caregivers to learn how to support kids who are living with anxiety and OCD to cope better. Group will discuss  the book, “Breaking Free of Childhood Anxiety and OCD”.

Session One – Understanding Anxiety, OCD and parental accommodation

Session Two – Mapping parental and family accommodations

Session Three – Reducing Accommodations and planning

Session Four – Reviewing your plan and troubleshooting

Please call Marissa Carswell at (802) 662-4219 to register.

A Friendship Group: Social Skills for Children

Led by Megan MayoThis group meets Tuesdays 6-7:30pm starting September 26th

Megan Mayo, MA, MS will be facilitating a social skills group for 12-15 year olds. Each session will review a social skill, and participants will practice implementing the skill in real time.

This is a small and supportive group that will have ongoing enrollment. Participants will engage in games, make crafts and more!

To register your child for group, please contact Marissa at (802) 662-4219.

Essex Pediatrics Play Group

This group meets Wednesdays, 9:30am

Join us as we attend the Brownell Library Play Time! Meet in the Children’s Book Room at 9:30am for small group connection. The Play Time is recommended for families with children ages 1-4, however older siblings are welcome as well. All caregivers are welcome to join us!

Please contact Gretchen Paulsen at 802-881-3917 for additional information.

In the summer, we will meet at Maple Street Park.

Autism Support Group

This group meets Fridays 5-6pm

Join us as we connect you with other caregivers with similar experiences to yours. Share your challenges, successes and gain support.

Facilitated by Sean Riehl.

To register, please contact Marissa 802-662-4219.

Caregiver Support Network

Led by Marley PowdenThis group meets Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30pm

Join us for our caregiver support network group, meeting Tuesdays from 4:30-5:30. Connect with other caregivers with similar experiences to you. This is a closed group with consistent participants for each round of four week sessions.

Caregivers who are raising a child with a mental health challenge can come together to validate each other’s experiences, share advice and connect. Caregivers who participate have children with different levels of mental health challenges, but some examples include children that have needed a higher level of care, have a large treatment team or have persistent mental health challenges.

“Supporting my child in the mental health system can feel so isolating, it is nice to connect with other caregivers who get it”.

This group is facilitated by Marley Powden, LICSW and Shannon Porter, our mental health coordinator.

Support Group for Mothers Of Newborns

This group meets Fridays 9-10:30am

Enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack while connecting with other mothers with similar experiences. This group is open to mothers of babies under seven months old. To register and receive additional details, please contact our family home support provider Katie at 802-383-8540.