Essex Pediatrics Integrated Health Care Training Program

The team at Essex Pediatrics is pleased to offer appropriate applicants an opportunity to apply for a placement in our practice. Join our team and learn with us how to support the mental health and wellness of children, youth, and their families through a variety of individual, group, family and community based supports. All services are  provided in an integrated and highly collaborative pediatric practice. 

Our mental health team is composed of licensed professionals in psychology, social work, substance use, and mental health counseling.   All providers are independent and are fully integrated with the medical team and other providers, including nutrition team and home visitors.  Essex Pediatrics currently hosts students from a variety of higher education institutions in the region and view them as integral parts of our team.

Placement experiences can include:

  • Individual, group, and family counseling for patients and their parents/caregivers supported by Essex Pediatrics
  • Consultation services to parents and caregivers
  • Educational and information nights
  • Community-based supports to families and schools
  • Case management

All students are provided with 1 hour per week of individual supervision and 1 hour per week of group supervision.  Ongoing supports are also provided as needed by a variety of members of our team.

This is a unique and highly desirable opportunity for people who are interested in learning how to apply evidence based approaches in creative ways.  Appropriate applicants are:

  • Enrolled in a master’s or doctoral level program in mental health, social work, psychology, or an equivalent 
  • Require a practicum or internship experience hours
  • Have experience with youth and/or families in prior work environments 
  • Are interested in working using evidenced-informed approaches

Deadline for applications:  December 31, 2022

Apply by sending your resume and three letters of reference to:

We will contact all appropriate applicants for interviews by January 15, 2023.

Our current sending Universities;