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Leslie Langevin MS, RD, CD Dietitian

Leslie Langevin is a dietitian who loves to work with kids! Leslie grew up in Vermont and did her undergraduate and graduate work at The University of Vermont. Leslie co-owns Whole Health Nutrition, a nutrition counseling practice. Leslie loves to do yoga, cook, and spend time with her family and her two young boys. She enjoys working with others to help them eat better, help with meal planning and can help make individualized plans for each child/family. Leslie works with families to make positive nutrition/health changes sometimes using very small changes so new habits can stick.
Most nutrition plans cover at least 3 sessions per year with a dietitian so call today! See what a few tweaks in diet can do to boost the health of your family.

**Whole Health Nutrition will be hosting Eating Disorder Support Group for Parents on Wednesdays, 1/12/22-3/2/22 from 5:30-6:30 via Zoom and will be led by Registered Dietician, Stephanie from Whole Health Nutrition.  This is meant to provide support, education and group discussion for parents of children with restrictive eating disorders. Meetings will be held over Zoom and will be a drop in format. For inquiries/registration email: or call 802-999-9207 by 1/05/2022.**